Bitlife How To Become A Singer Tips And Cheats

Bitlife How To Become A Singer Tips And Cheats. To become a singer in bitlife, you will first need to meet the basic requirements. How to become a singer in bitlife how to become a singer in bitlife.

BitLife Careers Guide How to a famous singer in BitLife from

Go for an audition and try your best to get selected. Seeing your character’s life tick by year by year, watching on as they succeed or fail in. Once your character becomes 18, they have the option to go to the special careers under the occupation tab to try and become a musician.

Voice Lessons Cost $500, Making It A Wise Investment In Your Early Years If You Want To Become A Singer.

In this bitlife careers guide, we will share with you a bunch of tips and tricks on how to become a priest or a singer (pop star)! Keep taking them multiple times a year until it’s maxed out and when you graduate high school go to careers, special careers, music. Now, upon finishing school start5 looking for a job that is related to singing.

Select The Option Of Musician And Then Struggle To Become A Solo Artist.

To become a singer/pop star in bitlife you must be born with high stats. To become a rapper in bitlife, you need to record rap albums as a solo artist. At this point, you should have a high looks rating and a modest social media following.

You Don’t Have To Go To University/College, So As Soon As You Graduate High School (.

The only way to improve your smartness is by visiting the library and reading books, visiting places and maintaining good physical and mental health and partaking in gym exercise. You can find all three under the mind and body tab. There are certain steps that you need to follow to become a popular singer in bitlife:

First, You Must Acquire A High School Diploma.

To do this you need to start early by practicing any musical instruments. This way you will gain recognition and chances of you getting famous will increase. Make your career type singer.

During This Time, You May Also Start Working On Ways To Achieve Fame.

Click on the tab “ jobs ” and select “ special careers.”. Set the career type to singer, and then choose from the three record labels. Go for an audition and try your best to get selected.

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