Bitlife How To Rob A Train Tips And Cheats

Bitlife How To Rob A Train Tips And Cheats. Here are some tips for how to rob a train in bitlife: Once you are 18, you can go to the ‘ crime ‘ tab in the ‘ activities ‘ menu.

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This will open up two options for you. Based on what time of day you've picked, the train may or may not show up. In order for a train robbery to be successful, you must pick the time of day that reflects your time zone’s actual time.

According To The Above Video By Youtuber Bloodied.

Sunrise, high noon, 4:20pm, sunset, and midnight. I've heard, do it in real time. The train doesn’t work because there’s a little trick on getting it to work.1.

Sunrise, High Noon, 4:20Pm, Sunset, And Midnight.

Head to activities > crime > train robbery. Note that the time of day is in sync with your device's time. I have researched and learned that you need to have your phone time be the correct time your robbing or it won’t work.

Stress Can Be Managed In This Game, And Managing Stress Is Extremely Important.

Basically, the time in real life has to match that in bitlife when you go to rob a train. More content from this author. For example, let’s say you want to rob a train at high noon.

Select One Of Two Options.

Head into the activities menu, then click crime. There are a few other needs to fulfill aside from money. As such, if it's midday you'll want to pick the 'high noon' time, and so on.

I Did It At The Real Time And It Worked, But You Can Only Do It Once, And You Have To Do It Spot On The Time.

You will need to scroll down in crime, which will be the final option. The first thing you need to do is have at least 18 years of age. You don't have to worry about which one is first, but pay attention to the.

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