Cod Mobile How To Get Berserker Medal

Cod Mobile How To Get Berserker Medal. Apart from the weapons and missions, there are 80+ medals that players can unlock and get rewards. The avenger medal in cod mobile is one of many achievements players can get in the game.

How to get berserker medal cod mobile from

Select an available multiplayer map and start the game. Getting the berserker medal in cod mobile. How to complete blue ribbon soldier event in cod mobile | how to get earn

Here’s Shadows Return’s Release , As Well As The Full Patch.

Players will get three kinds of medals upon completing objectives including killstreak medals, scorestreak medals, and kill medals. Select an available multiplayer map and start the game. Season 2 day of reckoning kicked off in cod:

Mobile Season 2 Day Of Reckoning.

Berserker medal in codm is also one of the medals that can be unlocked by completing a few simple tasks. Firstly, equip a loadout that has weapons you. After getting three kills, you will win the berserker medal in call of duty mobile without dying.

As Long As You Can Get 3 Kills Without Dying And Repeat The Process A Total Of 3 Times, You Will Earn The Berserker Medal In Cod:

To earn the berserker medal 10 times in cod mobile mp matches, you need to kill three enemies without dying in one match. How to unlock the berserker medal in cod mobile season 10. Do this ten times in multiplayer matches, and you’ll complete the cbr4 supremacy challenge.

That’s Really All There Is To It.

Mobile season 10 is here, bringing a ton of updates to the popular mobile shooter. Using them, you can quickly eliminate enemies and easily rack up three kills without dying. The challenge seems easy, but it is one of the.

The Medal Will Be Displayed On Your.

Players can get a berserker medal by killing three enemies in a row in a call of duty: Beserker medal in cod mobile. If you are new in the game and looking for ways to get the berserker medal in codm then you are in right place.

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