Cod Mobile How To Get The Pacifist Medal

Cod Mobile How To Get The Pacifist Medal. In cod mobile, there are 86 medals that a player can earn. Download call of duty mobile for free:

COD Mobile How To Earn The Pacifist Medal In Season 3? Gadget Clock from

How to earn the relentless medal in call of duty: First, players need a great loadout. Click on secondary weapon slot and select base melee.

To Get The Berserker Medal In Cod Mobile, You Need To Get Three Kills In A Row Without Dying.

Mobile features 85 medals in total. The game offers 86 medals in total, and one of them is the backstabber medal that cod mobile players can get by fulfilling a condition. Killed an enemy from behind with an equipped melee weapon.

In Cod Mobile, There Are 86 Medals That A Player Can Earn.

The most effective way to earn this medal in cod mobile is to squad up with random players. From there select the prizefighter boxing gloves and it will be equipped as secondary weapon. Everything you need to know.

Mobile, We’ve Compiled A List Of All The Tasks That You Must Complete To Receive A Medal.

How to get a nuke in cod mobile? Click on secondary weapon slot and select base melee. This can be done relatively easily with the help of some.

Click On Base Melee’s Gunsmith And Click On Select Blue Prints.

How to get medic medal in cod mobile? To get the pacifist medal in cod mobile, players must rank in the top ten without killing any other player. Getting the berserker medal in cod mobile.

Among All, The Solo Vs Squad.

Use a nuclear bomb to kill enemies. Earning bloodthirsty medals in cod mobile. Killed an enemy who was injuring a teammate.

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