Genshin Impact How To Get Adeptus Temptation Recipe

Genshin Impact How To Get Adeptus Temptation Recipe. There are four ingredients needed: A complex, famous type of liyue cuisine.

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Adeptus' temptation is a food that can be cooked in genshin impact. The recipe for adeptus' temptation is obtainable by opening a chest on the floating island above qingyun peak. X1 ham, x1 bacon, x1 sausage & also x1.

Currently, There Are 91 Permanently Obtainable Recipes.

Alternatively, players can complete the nine pillars of peace quest to get the recipe of adeptus’ temptation as a reward. Genshin impact is a big game with a great many complex systems at play. Four ham, three shrimp, three crabs, and three matsutake mushrooms.

Decreases All Gliding And Sprinting Stamina Consumed By Allies By 20% For 900 Seconds.

Adeptus' temptation is the best and the most luxurious buff food in genshin. Adeptus’ temptation (5* +atk & crit rate): There you will find 3 chests and adeptus' temptation recipe among them.

Cooking And Consuming The Game's Assortment Of Cuisine Is A Great Way To Prepare For Boss Fights And Powerful Enemies.

Lotus seed and bird egg soup (2* + stamina): Here are the places where novice chefs can find all. 4 carrot, 4 potato, 4 onion.

Cooking Is Mainly Used To Prepare Food Or A Dish By Following A Recipe.

Guide includes adeptus' temptation required ingredients, recipe, how to get, & locations! With the recipe learned, players are ready to cook the dish. A complex, famous type of liyue cuisine.

Adeptus' Temptation Is A Food (Dish) That Can Be Cooked In Genshin Impact.

Where to find qingce stir fry in genshin impact To obtain the adeptus’ temptation recipe in genshin impact players have to complete the three divine birds puzzle at qingyun’s peak in liyue region of teyvat. But, since the nine pillars of peace quest takes way too.

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