How To Become A Nun In Bitlife

How To Become A Nun In Bitlife. To become a nun in bitlife, you must first create a female character. First, you will need to pick a gender.

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To make it possible, you need to assure that you begin as a female personality. Start by creating a female character. You can be either a monk or nun in this game, but for this challenge, you have to get a nun.

To Become A Nun In Bitlife, You Must First Create A Female Character.

Afterwards, you need to grow until you are at least 18 years of age. The only way for your character to become a nun is if they are female. Finally, select the job and become a nun.

In The Event That Your Male Character Has A Gender, They Could Be A Monk Or The Same Position, But With An Alternative Name.

To become a priest in bitlife, you will need to search and apply for a job called decon. However, you can only choose. First, you will need to pick a gender.

Next, Navigate To The Occupation At The Bottom Left Of The Screen.

Special stats are also not required, so just focus on aging up to age 18+. Age up until you finish high school. If your character is male, they can become a monk, a similar position with a different title.

After Creating Your Character, All You Need To Do Is Age Up Until You Finish High School.

What you study doesn’t really matter. You can however only select either one of the options depending on the gender of your character. After this, you will need an education beyond high school.

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If you want your character to become one in bitlife you have to honor that dedication. The only option for your characters to become nuns is if they’re female. Look for a nun job under the job tab under the occupation tab.

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