How To Make Friends In Bitlife

How To Make Friends In Bitlife. This adds them to your friend’s list, and you can directly interact with them in your relationship menu. You can live from year to year, live a full life, and earn money, but you can also engage in relationships with other people.

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You can be gay, straight, or bi, you can get married and have babies, you can cheat or try to propose threesomes, and more. By this time, you should have already received a few friend requests along the way. Accepting their demands is the simplest method to make friends quickly.

A Post Shared By Bitlife (@Bitlifeapp) To Add A New Buddy To Your Mobile Game, Go To The Relationships Menu And Pick The Person You Want To Add.

Share your favorite bitlife, catlife, and doglife. You can also make new friends by looking at the list of classmates and/or coworkers and selecting the character you want as your friend. Accepting their demands is the simplest method to make friends quickly.

Making Friends Turn To Enemies Because We Are A Dirtbag!

There are a few other needs to fulfill aside from money. Finish this objective and after that you need to turn 10 plus into enemies next. While players will start receiving friend requests.

You Can Also Spread Rumors About A Specific Friend To Get Them To Hate You.

If you do not want to wait for someone to ask you to be their friend you can seek them out for yourself. These hostile acts can include abusing your friend. 🔹at age 6 for example, you could tap the “find new friends.

You Only Want To Give Them A Gift If You Forget To Interact With Them, Or You Want To Increase Your Relationship With Them As Fast As Possible.

For the task of turning your friends into enemies, you will have to click one of your friends and scroll to the bottom. You will see the change our status button at the bottom of the screen. After becoming friends with them, age up and wait a year.

On The Occupations Tab, An Option Called “ Find New Friends ” Would Appear Alongside The “Drop Out Of School” And “Study Harder” Options.

To make your friend an enemy you will have to commit various hostile acts to the specific person. For this week, you only have one task to complete. It’s also enjoyable to make a best friend to show your appreciation towards.

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