Solve The Puzzle Of The Watatsumi Statue Genshin Impact

Solve The Puzzle Of The Watatsumi Statue Genshin Impact. To start the mission, we must go to bourou village, specifically the waypoint. Gamewith uses cookies and ip addresses.

Genshin Impact How to Solve the Puzzle of the Watatsumi Statue from

Players will need to unlock three different elemental totems. Begin the puzzle by standing on the first tile. However, if players step on the same tile twice, they will immediately fail the puzzle.

To Start The Mission, We Must Go To Bourou Village, Specifically The Waypoint.

Start the puzzle by stand on the initial tile and walk towards the. You can complete genshin impact solve the puzzle of the watatsumi statue mission following this video guide. The mouun shrine is a relatively small area.

The 9 Cube Puzzle In Watatsumi Island Can Be Found Near The Eastern Teleport Waypoint In Bourou Village.

Then, rush towards the large house near the statue. Throughout our adventure on watatsumi island, we can interact with an object to start a side quest. Solve the puzzle of watatsumi’s faces in genshin impact.

Watatsumi Island Face Symbols Puzzle Guide.

Follow the pressure plates from the glowing point until. Mouun shrine 8 cube puzzle. This article shows how to solve the watatsumi statue puzzle.

Completing These World Quests Allows Genshin Impact Players To Earn Many Primogems While Exploring The Newly Added Islands.

This invites us to find 8 faces scattered around the island, which will reveal the location of a secret chest. Press j to jump to the feed. While the puzzle is relatively easier than many other puzzles you find while exploring inazuma, there are a good number of players who find solving the watatsumi statue puzzle a daunting task.

Completing The Watatsumi Puzzle In Genshin Impact.

Two of them are electric, and the last requires hydro. There are a total of eight face. After a lengthy conversation, players will unlock four separate world quests that require the player to break a seal at a specific location.

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